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Covid News...

2020 has certainly been an odd one for us all. Osmpaul has been using his time well to plan and develop his work and to get ready for this years exhibitions. Next in line is the group show at The Chester Art Centre (Northgate st.) Sept 10th 2020 entitled Salon (nature/nurture) featuring works from Osmpaul and Laughing crow design centred around surf art.

Later this year if the recent resitrictions lift then Paul and @nikkipinderart will be updating the ongoing exhibition in Telfords Warehouse. those that saw the last one will be surprised at the change in style and concept. This body of work from both parties will be framed prints so there will be priced work for all walks of life.

Also keep an eye out in Chester for Osmpaul's Surf Diorama project. You will need to follow him over Instagram @osmpaulart or by clicking on the insta link at the top of this page. He will be giving hints via his Insta story to the location of the artwork.

We at Team OSM thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at events throughout the rest of the year.


Salo(nature/nurture) group show @ Chester art centre (10th Sept 2020

Telfords artists in residence exhibition @ Telfords warehouse 28th Nov 2019- (ongoing)

Street level arts fest @Alexanderslive Chester 10th May 2019