About OSMpaul

OSMpaul is a self taught Artist/Illustrator and street artist hailing from Chester, United kingdom. Works are influenced by nature,surf,skate, the coast, mental health, anatomy, cartoon and popular culture. 

He began his artistic career as an apprentice to famous chainsaw sculptor Simon o'Rourke helping to create grand wood sculptures. This was the path he was taking untill he found a passion for working with colour in 2D where he felt he could make his own path and really abuse his creative ideas.

as well as creating personal pieces for sale, OSMpaul also works under commission in acrylic on canvas and digital illustration. having recently taken part in a street art festival in Chester, he is also looking to do more murals using both spray paint techniques and brush work where he can really take advantage of his use of vibrant colours on a large scale.

Please go to the contact page to get in touch about commissions, sales and any other questions you may have.

Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom


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